Equine Sand Colic Control Supplements

Sand colic control supplements support normal digestive health in horses by helping to alleviate problems associated with sand build-up in the colon or intestine. Many horse sand colic control supplements contain natural psyllium husk, which absorbs moisture and forms a gel-like substance, thereby softening the stool and increasing feed ration bulk. Equine sand colic control supplements are suitable for use in all horses and ponies, including foals, pregnant mares, geldings and breeding stallions. Our premium brand of UltraCruz® supplements includes UltraCruz® Equine Psyllium Fiber and UltraCruz® Equine Pure Psyllium for superior sand colic control in horses.

testimonial_imageWith the sandy soil where Sunshine and Jem live, having the horses on a monthly schedule of UltraCruz® Psyllium Fiber helps keep them as healthy as possible. They love the taste of the pellets too. Thank you Santa Cruz Animal Health. ~ Sandra