Cuvettes: Methacrylate, Polystyrene and UV | Santa Cruz Animal Health

Cuvettes: Methacrylate, Polystyrene and UV

We offer cuvettes suitable for measurements throughout the UV-VIS spectral range. Products include methacrylate cuvettes, poly methacrylate cuvettes, polystyrene cuvettes and UV cuvettes. Methacrylate cuvettes are designed for accuracy throughout the VIS-UV spectral range from 285 nm to 750 nm. Poly methacrylate cuvettes are ideal for concentration measurements in the 285 nm to 750 nm spectral range. Polystyrene cuvettes are designed for assays throughout the 340 nm to 750 nm visible spectral range. UV cuvettes are ideally suited for measurements at 260 nm, 280 nm and in the visible range. Cuvette caps designed to fit most standard cuvettes also available.