Dog Digestion Supplements and Probiotics

Santa Cruz Animal Health carries a variety of canine digestion and probiotic supplements designed to maintain digestive health and aid in supporting microbial function in dogs. These supplements are safe for use in all ages of dogs and puppies. Active ingredients such as microbes and digestive enzymes promote healthy digestive systems. Our premium line of UltraCruz®canine supplements includes UltraCruz®Canine BioAbsorb™ which selectively removes harmful bacteria while leaving beneficial probiotics behind.

testimonial_imageMy dog has had issues with his digestion for years, and once I put him on the UltraCruz® Canine Probiotic, I have seen a world of difference in his overall health! You can tell that he feels so much better and I will continue to use this product with him! Highly recommended for anyone that has a dog with digestive issues or food sensitivities!~ Jenny