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Dog Rx Fluid, Vitamin and Electrolyte Support Products | Santa Cruz Animal Health

Dog Rx Fluid, Vitamin and Electrolyte Support Products

Santa Cruz Animal Health offers the most comprehensive line of canine fluid, vitamin and electrolyte support to address hydration and electrolytes in dogs. It is vital to determine when fluid therapy is indicated and to formulate a fluid plan that is beneficial to the patient. Vitamin and electrolytes help replenish vital nutrients that help with muscle function, fluid balance, and metabolism. Often these vitamins and electrolytes are lost during exercise, training, competition and hot weather.

I just received the box of Lactated Ringer's Injection today. It was waiting on my porch when I got home from work. Never has a package sitting on my porch stir up as many emotions as this one did. When I saw the box waiting for me it was better than seeing the Christmas packages that I order in December or seeing that new pair of shoes (I can dream). It sounds stupid I know but when our dog was diagnosed with Kidney disease and we were told we need to give him injections, in my head I could not justify spending the $25 or $48 per bag that my vets wanted to charge. I felt so incredibly helpless. Then I found your website. A representative answered my first email, then answered my call and knew who I was without me even having to tell them. I can't explain how that felt! Being able to provide my dog with what he needs at a price I can afford means the world to me. This has been an emotional journey thinking about what will happen when our dog Badger is no longer with us. But today the tears I shed (as I am writing this) are happy ones because I can feel good knowing he is going to get what he needs that will hopefully keep him with us until he decides it's time. A sincere and heartfelt thank you to my rep and everyone else at SCAH that makes this possible! ~ Kim