Dog Rx Insecticide Flea and Tick Products

Santa Cruz Animal Health is proud to offer a wide variety prescription flea and tick medications for your dog. Controlling fleas and ticks is an essential aspect of you canine companions health. Prevention methods will help ensure that the diseases fleas and ticks carry like Lyme Disease, ehrlichia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tick paralysis are kept at bay. With several prevention options available, Santa Cruz Animal Health has a large selection of prescription insecticides to keep your pet happy and healthy.

This is the only product I would recommend for flea and tick control in South Texas. My dogs are out in the pasture and among wildlife 90% of the time and this product really works to keep them healthy. I've tried other products in the past like Frontline and Vectra and they just do not compare to the NexGard. It does require a prescription, but Santa Cruz Animal Health's online pharmacy is super efficient and friendly and works with my veterinarian to get this to me in a timely manner. ~ Janie, Three Rivers, TX