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Horse Liniment Products | Santa Cruz Animal Health

Horse Liniment Products

Santa Cruz Animal Health offers a wide variety of liniments and poultices to soothe muscle soreness and ease stiffness in horses. These topical products are trusted by top horsemen to ensure their horses remain in peak condition. UltraCruz® liniment and poultice provide natural support for temporary muscle discomfort, stiffness and swelling that may result from overexertion during extensive training or competition. Liniments may provide a cooling or warming effect to the applied area by utilizing ingredients that have been shown to offer support to inflamed tissue and promote circulation. Liniment is often applied to targeted areas or used as a tightening brace wash after extensive workouts. Poultices typically contain a cooling clay base and utilize ingredients to provide comfort from soreness, drawing off of excessive heat and are often used during treatment of hoof abscesses. They often provide some antimicrobial properties and are often used daily after training sessions or competition.

testimonial_imageIn the past I have bought a different liniment wash that is more expensive but after ordering UltraCruz® Liniment Wash and trying it, I like this product a lot more. I also use the foaming wash. Both leave my mare glowing and feeling good! Thank you Santa Cruz! - Taylor