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Goat Vitamin, Mineral and Electrolyte Supplements

Caprine Vitamins, Minerals and Electrolyte Supplements by Santa Cruz Animal Health help support overall health in goats. Designed to supplement a balanced diet, products such as UltraCruz® Goat Copper Bolus and UltraCruz® Goat and Sheep Cobalt Bolus help maintain adequate levels of copper and cobalt, respectively, to ensure healthy growth and fertility. Other high quality products such as Diaque from Boehringer Ingelheim and Goat NutriDrench by BoviDr Labs provide a rapid source of energy while UltraCruz® Goat Iron Charge Pellets help improve oxygen carrying power. Choose Santa Cruz Animal Health for all of your caprine vitamin, mineral and electrolyte needs.

I had two goats that had rough hair coats despite frequent deworming. I was getting nervous because they are preparing to kid in February and were not gaining condition. I bought the UltraCruz Goat Copper Bolus and popped one in each of these does. They were easy to swallow and neither of them spit them back out, which I've had with different copper bolus coatings. Within a week, their hair laid down. They are gaining condition even as they bag up for kidding. This is more effective than the combined injectable mineral supplements you can get. ~ Debra, Battle Creek, MI