Santa Cruz Animal Health

UltraCruz® Singles

Santa Cruz Animal Health is a leading supplier of horse health care products, and offers a comprehensive, high-quality, affordable line of equine supplements.

Santa Cruz Animal Health is now offering its popular UltraCruz® supplements as pre-measured, single servings of your horse's supplements for fast feeding. Introducing UltraCruz® Singles!


  • Convenient, individually packaged servings
  • Retains supplement potency
  • Accurate dosage
  • Auto-ship available
  • Perfect for traveling

Our most popular products are now conveniently offered as UltraCruz® Singles!


Benefits of UltraCruz® Singles

Accurate Dosage

No more non-descript scoops for inaccurate dosing! Give your horse the perfect amount, every time, with our pre-measured UltraCruz® Singles!


Convenient shipping option for autoshipments of your horse’s supplements. Never miss a dose again with our UltraCruz® Singles and Autoship combination!

Supplement Potency

Sealed Singles bags keep oxygen, moisture, and pests out of your supplements (while maintaining ingredient potency) so they are the perfect dose of the supplements your horse needs!